SkipLabs is focused on creating infrastructure for reactive systems. Our team includes experienced professionals who prioritize high-quality software above all else. We are a small team working remotely from various locations around the world.

Julien Verlaguet


Julien created the programming languages Hack and SKIP while working at Meta. He is passionate about reactive systems.

Daniel Lopes

Software Engineer

Daniel began his career at Esterel Technologies, working on critical embedded software. Daniel is experienced in building enterprise software from the ground up, but his true passion is user interface design.

Laure Martin

Global Operations Manager

Laure has over 10 years of experience building internal operations for global tech startups, enjoys creating automation and processes to scale for distributed teams around the globe. She has a finance & accounting background, loves numbers and spreadsheets, and is passionate about wildlife conservation and travelling.

Lucas Hosseini

Software Engineer

Lucas is a software engineer with a background in both academia and the tech industry. Before joining SkipLabs, he spent five years at FAIR Meta, developing his expertise in machine learning and distributed systems. He is passionate about open source software and security.

Greg Sexton

Software Engineer

Greg has spent the last 15 years building critical infrastructure for Amazon, Facebook, and WhatsApp. He is an expert in the design of databases and distributed systems.

Josh Berdine

Software Engineer

Josh is a world expert in static analysis of code. Recipient of 2016 CAV Award for fundamental contributions to the field of Computer-Aided Verification. Veteran of nearly 20 years at Microsoft and Facebook building analysis backend systems, including Facebook Infer. Aspiring mountain biker, programming language aficionado, and open source software advocate.

Benno Stein

Software Engineer

Benno is a leading expert on the theory and practice of incremental program analysis. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Colorado and has experience designing developer tools and deploying them at scale at Meta, Google, and Uber.

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